Training Season Has Started

Training for the fall racing season is in full swing. That means more people are running and it seems everyone is adding to their weekly mileage.

We will keep stick to our main option being five miles. However, if you need to subtract from the 5 just let me know. I always try to think through a shorter option.

If you want to add to the route you can always come a little early and run one loop around the parking lot as it is just over one mile in length. Also, a few members of the group park at Bruegger's Bagels and run to our starting point Fleet Feet. This adds just about a mile.

Tomorrow's route will be familiar. Here are the turn-by-turn directions:

  • L Carl T Jones
  • L Wainwright
  • R LittleBury
  • R Macon
  • L Tannahill
  • L Criner
  • continue to Garth
  • R Garth
  • R Four Mile Post
  • L Martha
  • L Cole
  • R Cadillac
  • L Suhill
  • R Hickory Hill
  • L Sherwood
  • L Greenway
  • R Carl T Jones
Garth And Greenway.jpg
A Big Dipper Route

A Big Dipper Route

Flat As A Pancake

Flat As A Pancake