The cooler weather of fall brings great relief to runners as it usually means a break from thick morning humidity. 

Tomorrow is Thursday so that means the Breakfast Club will run 5 from Fleet Feet and hopefully the humidity will be low.

As a member of the Fleet Feet Marathon training group, our plan details the Thursday run as a Tempo Run.  This run is a way to practice a 'race pace' for a shorter distance than the actual race. It is also a way to begin to feel and be comfortable with that pace. 

The published plan call for a 15 minute warm-up, 3 miles at tempo and a 15-minute cooldown.

Personally, I plan to modify that some. I hope to run a one-mile warm-up and then do 3 or 4 miles between my half-marathon and marathon pace and finish with a cool down.

No matter what pace you run, if you are in the middle of a training plan or just logging a few miles to stay in shape you are welcome to join us.  We leave from Fleet Feet promptly at 5:30 am. After the run, most of us drive over to Brueggers for a bagel, coffee, and conversation.

Below is the turn-by-turn directions for the 5-mile loop. There will also be ways to shorten the route if you don't need or want to run 5. Note: clicking on the title will take you to the Garmin Connect Route.

Another 5 from Fleet Feet

  • L - Carl T Jones
  • L - Garth
  • L - 4 Mile Post
  • R - Hickory Hill
  • L - Sherwood
  • R - Attwood
  • L - Mira Vista
  • L - Jacqueline
  • R - Statton
  • L - Olivia
  • L  - Attwood
  • R - Sherwood
  • R - Greenway
  • R - Carl T Jones
  • R - parking lot
It's Not Point to Point

It's Not Point to Point

Not much bigger than an ant hill

Not much bigger than an ant hill