Do They Trust Me?

Do They Trust Me?

Do they trust me?

I don't know if I ever asked myself that question regarding my team?

Why didn't I? Did I assume, because I had a position the team had to trust me?

If I had asked, what would have been my answer? What would have been their answer?

What if my answer had been “no”? What could I have done to gain their trust?

Each year the Daniel J. Edelman Holdings Group researches the level of trust among companies, employees, and other groups. They suggest the barometer used to measure trust levels can be broken down into these categories:

1. Engagement — Is there transparency in the organization? Is there care for employees and customers?

2. Integrity — Is it visible? Do leaders "walk their talk?"

3. Quality Products and Services — Does the organization make or provide something they are proud to stand for and stand behind?

4. Purpose — Does the organization make the greater society better instead of using only a financial equation for validation of its purpose?

5. Operations — Specifically, do the leaders conduct themselves honorably? Is the company viewed as being at the top of their industry category?

I was wrong to assume trust.

I could expect respect, but I needed to earn trust.

A foundation of trust is built over time but can be lost in a heartbeat.

Do they trust me? That's one question I now ask often.

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What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?