An Interrupted Plan

An Interrupted Plan

The goal run the 2018 Marine Corps Marathon. The plan was seventeen weeks long taking my current fitness levels and slowing making a progression in intensity and mileage until I was prepared for the race.

Everything was going great until a health issue brought it all to a stop.

I knew I had to take care of the issue but I was disheartened to think my goal, due to a required days of no running,  might be slipping from my grasp.


The doctor’s orders were no running for at least a week, but as soon as I felt like it I could start a walking routine or even use the elliptical.

Day one after surgery I thought I would never be able to get back into the plan.  It was the same through day four, however, on day five, I took off for a walk.  There was some pain but I was able to log just over two miles.

The plan was interrupted. I could have been discouraged at “interruption’s" arrival and given up.  But, the goal was too important to give up. 

We all face interrupted plans, not necessarily a running plan.  

Think about it, you are working away on a project at your desk, making great progress but then a phone call or a visit from a co-worker brings everything to a stop.  

Did that interruption stop you from completing the work?  It could have, if you had not been willing to accept the interruption, give it the attention needed and then refocus on the pressing project.

Here are four steps to create a plan that can weather interruptions:

  • Set attainable goals

  • Accept there will be interruptions 

  • Evaluate frequently the progress toward the goal 

  • Restructure the plan as needed after interruptions

I didn’t abandon my goal rather I regrouped and altered my plan and I made it. I finished the 2018 Marine Corps Marathon.  It wasn’t my best (that’s a story for another post) but I finished. 

A worthy goal needs a plan created so it can be reached and those plans often get interrupted.

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