Things Change

Things Change

Things change they always do.

A look at society can often raise the question, “how did we get here?”

What was once considered to be ‘high dollar’ features in a car are not even the basics in today’s market. In past years you paid extra for an automatic transmission, air conditioning, power windows and brakes and just a few years ago it was an unmet dream to have a navigation system or lane assist.

How did we get there? A yester-years top-of-the-line car is relegated to less than basic transportation.

The changes/improvements progressed gradually as researchers, developers and customers wanted change…something new. 

Intentional thoughts became a catalyst for change. 

What people valued drove their wants or perceived needs.

In other places, society, business, and culture, change occurs in a less than intentional way. Change happens because people gradually forgot, their values or mission.

One consultant said it this way: “Change in these instances happens because there was an incremental descent into bad judgment until the violation of standards became the standard.”

Can you think of a business or non-profit who was once passionate about their mission but now their message/mission is diluted?  Most of the time the changes were not intentional. They were small decisions, that went against their mission, something they valued, that happened gradually.

A well know public, Ivy League, university once had this in the core values/mission statement:

To be plainly instructed and consider well

that the main end of your life and studies is to know God and Jesus Christ

When observing this institution today you would never know it roots were in that statement. I suggest they never made a deliberate decision to turn their back on an original belief, but now they are so far away a return would almost be impossible.

What about us?  What about me?

Is there something I once valued that now is rarely considered?

  • family time

  • date nights

  • saving money

  • serving others

  • talking to my parents

  • supporting my kids

  • doing all with excellence

  • making church a priority

If I gradually let my attention drift from any of these it would become easy to forget their value, allowing other things to drive my decisions.

The car I drive is influenced by one of my values to not be in debt. 

What drives your decisions? How have your values change over time?

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