Questions to Consider

Questions to Consider

Too often we get caught up in "doing our job" to "work on our job". That has been me recently but I am trying to change that. Here are some questions I am considering to help generate change. 

As an employee

Your boss comes to you and says that you are being replaced by someone who can do your job better.

What do you think that new person will concentrate on and do better than you are doing?

Why aren't you doing those things?

Or at least why aren't you working on them?

 As a supervisor of people

An employee comes to your office and says they are giving notice that they are resigning to go to another company to work at an identical job.

What do you think you could have done differently to keep that person on your team?

As a team leader

If you could start from scratch what would your company/department look like?

What core values would you stand on?

What would be the #1 mission?

Who would be on your team?

What strategies would you implement to meet the core values?

What activities would be started to meet the goals and mission?

Four Questions Your Team Members Are Asking

Four Questions Your Team Members Are Asking

It Rarely Works That Way

It Rarely Works That Way