Ministry Transition

Ministry Transition

Earlier this week I accepted the ministry position as Executive Pastor at RiverTree Church in Huntsville, Alabama. Soon after that I submitted my resignation to ClearView Baptist Church where I have served for almost seventeen years. Not only I am moving to a different ministry location but I am also transitioning to a new area of ministry. For the last 34 years I have served as a Minister of Music/Worship Pastor in the local church.

Although this may seem as a major change, I believe it is what God has been preparing me for.

Throughout my career as a Worship Pastor I have had the opportunity to lead many other ministry areas from managing an office staff to coordinating three building projects and everything in between.

I am a strong believer in the fact that God allows you to experience things where you are now for what He wants you to do in the future.

God has been preparing me for the new ministry role.  

God has opened the door for this new ministry.

RiverTree Church was looking for someone with years of ministry experience who had had the opportunity to lead various ministries, projects and groups of people.

I am excited that RiverTree and I have connected.

I am also sad that my family and I are leaving ClearView. It is a place we have served for over half of our married life and a place where we have raised our children…it is home.

Below is a letter that was sent to ClearView informing them of our decision to make this ministry transition. 

Dear ClearView Family, I have asked to be able to send this directly to you, sharing from my family to yours some news. Earlier this week I submitted my resignation as the Associate Pastor/Worship and Music at ClearView. My last Sunday at ClearView will be January 25. For some time now I have felt a tug at my heart that my time at ClearView was coming to an end. During my time at ClearView God has given me opportunities to lead the worship ministry and also a number of various projects and staff components. Some of these are: construction projects, communications team, computer services, facilities and office staff and other special projects. It is through all these experiences that I believe God has been preparing me for this next season of ministry. Just a few days ago I accepted the position of Executive Pastor at a church in Huntsville, Alabama. It is with mixed emotions that I write this letter to you. We are excited about this next phase of our lives. We are also struggling with leaving a community and faith family filled with dear friends. ClearView is ‘home’ for us. It is the place we have served longer than any other. It is the place we have raised our children and seen them accept Christ. ClearView is ‘home’ it will always hold a special place on our hearts…you will always hold a special place in our hearts…you are family. Some of you may be thinking this may not be the best time for another staff member to leave. I have had the same thoughts. For weeks now Melissa and I have been praying that we would be aligned with God’s will and it has become evident, even though we don’t understand the timing, now is the time for us to take a leap of faith to a next ministry position. God knew that this time of transition would be coming and His timing is perfect. We will be praying for you as you seek to be a beacon for the Gospel in the Franklin, Williamson County area. When I arrived on campus over sixteen years ago I heard this statement: “ClearView was placed on Franklin Road in Franklin Tennessee for a purpose and that purpose was to reach this community for the Gospel. I still believe this. We ask that you pray for us as we transition. Sincerely, Michael Smith Melissa Meagan Spencer

How long have you lived in one city then made a move?

How do you think that God prepares you for change?


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