Church Staff Meeting: Working Hard and Relying On God

Church Staff Meeting: Working Hard and Relying On God


We had some important items to discuss. 

  • recruitment of volunteers
  • update on a major project
  • communication plan to those who support the ministry

And on this meeting day we took a different approach.

As each item came to the table we got a quick update on the progress of each item and then


to pray and give thanks to God for how we had seen His hand at work already in each area.

  • we were ahead of last year on recruiting 
  • people were faithful in giving
  • the gospel was being presented all across our area through Backyard Kids Clubs

We then took a moment to hear the needs and get input from around the table 

  • to adequately staff all our ministries we needed more people to say ‘yes’
  • Backyard Kids Clubs had just a couple more weeks, we need to finish strong
  • we wanted to find ways to show those who support the ministry how their gifts were making an impact for the Gospel

so we

STOPPED: to pray, petition God for answers to every situation.

Confession, it is easy to work our way around the table at a staff meeting and give our ideas without stopping to ask God for guidance.


we are never as good as we can be, as good as God deserves when we try to do everything in our own power our own creativity…

After the prayer there was no quick miraculous answers, but we know we are trusting in the right source, God.

Ministry staff meetings, should be productive, but more than anything their should be time spent in prayer, both praise and petition.

Enter for Worship

Enter for Worship

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