Thankful for a Godly Mother

At the end of this week we get to celebrate mothers…Sunday is Mother's Day. As I think back across my life I am bigstock-Spring-flowers-in-vases-isolat-16555646overcome with thanksgiving knowing that I was raised by a Godly mother. I remember * hearing my mom praying in her bedroom * supporting my dad in his full-time ministry position * always opening her home to people who needed a place of comfort * showing unconditional love to me and my sister * standing firm on her convictions * setting boundaries for us her children, communicating expectations * finding the place in her home that she does her quiet time * seeing my mom worship and showing us how to be involved in worship

These days I smile * when I think about all the shopping she does * even bigger when I hear she is returning something she bought…it happens often * knowing that she could keep three phone lines busy, all at the same time * thinking about her playing cards or having lunch with her close friends * wondering what's the next update will be to her house

I am thankful that * she is still a part of my life * I get to talk to her throughout the week * she cares about me * she prays for me daily.

God has blessed me with great parents who are dedicated Christ-followers. On this week I especially say thank you to my mom for her example and to God for allowing her to be a part of my life.

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