How Good It Is

How good it is There is something special and even relaxing when you are around friends. There is something, even greater, empowering and supportive when Christ-followers gather in one place to worship God. 

The two main purposes of corporate worship are to 'glorify God' and 'edify (encourage) the body.'
Granted worship can happen anywhere and anytime, however God's plan of His children gathering together was no accident.
  • We remember we are not alone in our walk.
  • We demonstrate our acceptance of each other.
  • We testify to fellow believers that we trust in God.
  • We testify to the non-believers in our gatherings of our love for God.
  • We are able to rejoice together in times of gladness.
  • We can unify in prayer during times of need.
Keith and Krystan Getty have recently released a new song that voice the sentiments of a healthy faith family and the joy that comes from worshiping together. The song is titled: Oh How Good It Is, based on the beginning verse of Psalm 133.
This Sunday will be the first time we will be using this song in our services.

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