4 Obstacles Moses Faced as a Leader



There are some days that a leader feels as if he is in a battle. Whether it is with the short amount of time to complete a task, financial pressures, staff conflict, or a growing number of items that need to have closure. Could anyone have felt the weight of leadership more than Moses?

  • he wasn't a proficiency speaker

  • his enemy chased him

  • his followers complained

  • his God-directed path was through a desert

But God placed him in a role of leadership and gave him the tools he needed to complete the job. The most important thing that attributed to Moses' success was God's presence. Moses was always taking advantage of his alone time with God.

Two other essential tools that God gave Moses: a supportive team and wise counsel.

Leaders that supported him in chaos

Exodus 17:11-13

Mentors that gave him ideas

Exodus 18:14, 18, 21

To guarantee success in God's eyes, we need to spend as much time as we can in His presence.

Following Moses' example, in two other ways will also help.

  • Find a team that will walk with you, pray with you, and supports you.

  • Surround yourself with people that will speak wisdom, honesty, and ideas into your life.

God will speak into our lives if we are willing to listen and, He will provide a team that will support our leadership if we are willing to allow them time to use their gifts and permit them to speak freely.

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