Write that note!

Write that noteI have a file labeled 'affirmation.' Its the place where I have kept many of the notes and cards of encouragement given to me over the span of my career. The people who wrote those notes have no idea how many times they have encouraged me through the years. The little things do make a big and lasting impact. Take a look at this account of an event that my friend experience last week.

Yesterday, I met with a guy who worked with me for a number of years. He was a great employee and I thought a lot of him. I haven't seen or talked to him in 7 years until yesterday. I was meeting with him about possibly filling a key job for us at another organization. During our conversation he was telling me that things had gotten a lot more difficult since his current company had been acquired recently. He said for many years he has carried three notes with him everyday in his planner that when things get tough and he gets down he pulls them out and reads them for encouragement– two of the notes are from his daughters and the other is a note I gave him. I had forgotten about my note. The weekend I left his current company and moved my personal goods out of the office, I wrote notes to several employees and left them in an envelope on their desks. The notes thanked them for all the support they had given to me over the years and letting them know how much I appreciated what they did. One of those notes I had left with him. You never know the impact your words have on people. It was quite humbling.

I make a point of trying to encourage my staff on a weekly if not daily basis, but I am not very good at writing notes...that needs to change.

I have the privilege of leading various teams of volunteers...I need to let them know more often what a great job they do...I need put it in writing.

Here's my plan: I am going to start the week with five blank note cards on my desk and sometime during the week write what needs to be said, what is deserved to one of my team members or volunteers.

Do you make a point to write notes of encouragement, to co-workers, family and friends, on a regular basis?



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