Help Them See the Thread of the Gospel in Christ Centered Worship

I am not a big fan of the worship leader doing much talking during the worship service. I have attended those services where there were two sermons given, one by the pastor and one by the worship leader. However...

there are times when it is necessary to speak, especially when a few words can help transition between songs or other elements of the service. At other times a few words can help a congregation see the 'gospel story' that they just voiced.

Halfway through our worship song list today I stopped and spoke to remind the congregation of the testimony they had just sung and show them the testimony and truths they were about to sing. In a few brief statements we connected all the songs to God's love and pursuit for us. Here is the list:


Hosanna (Praise is Rising)

Come Praise and Glorify

The Greatness of Our God



Let's look back at what we have already sung, we have been telling and singing the Gospel, God's interaction and pursuit of His people. At first we proclaimed that God is the only thing that can save us and that we are here this morning to surrender to him. We sang the words "come have your way among us," let that be our prayer throughout the service.

We then used the words of the next song to invite everyone to join in proclaiming the story of God.

And finally we pleaded with God to help us see Him in all His power and not to limit Him by our own thinking. "no doubt restrains."

Not only is God great but He has done something marvelous for us through His Son, allowing Him to be the sacrificial Lamb for our sins.


For Sinner's Slain


In light of all that God is and all that He has done for us through His Son, we are reminded that we are sinful, finite beings, who do not deserve God's love and mercy.


Have Mercy


We are sinners standing in God's presence. We are humbled by the thought. Forgive us God where we have failed You. You are perfect we are not. Because of Your mercy we are forgiven and can sing...


It Is Well sin o the bliss

...and Lord haste the day


...finishing well

As one of the points of the sermon on Sunday stated: While our methods should not be offensive, the message will always be offensive to many.

"...we can easily slip into adapting the message and downplaying parts of the message that don’t play well with people ….. because you just want people to accept it / to buy into it. We must make the distinction between trying to reach the culture and trying to impress the culture."

There is only one message and that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I believe it is the responsibility of anyone who plans worship services to make sure the thread of the Gospel is clear, no matter the method or style.

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