No Barriers To Entrance

The following is a quick look at how welcomed I felt upon a recent visit to Peoples Church, Fresno, California. It was easy to find the guest parking.

I knew from the campus signs exactly where to find the worship service.

Before I got to the doors of the worship center I had been greeted more than once and if I had so desired, could have had a cup of coffee or lemonade.

I didn't have to open the doors of the building, someone was there to do that for me along with greeting me with a smile and a good morning.

Directions to the worship center were clearly marked.

And before finding a seat I was greeted again, this time with a hand shake or two and a hug.

They've got the greeting part down.

As I took my seat I noticed the pastor coming up the aisle greeting people. This was a nice thing to see. He approached near me and I stood to speak to him,telling him where I was from, and in a sentence, told him how this church had an impact on my life as a teenager.

He then insisted I follow him to the front and sit on the front row near him.

I could not have felt more welcomed.

This visit to Peoples Church was refreshing...

...thank you for making me feel like I belonged.

On your last church visit did you feel welcomed?


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