The First Step Toward True Worship

The first step to meeting God in worship is asking His forgiveness. David the writer of Psalm 51 says:

"You are not pleased with a burnt offering. The sacrifice pleasing to God is a broken spirit."

It is easy to gather in a place of worship and go through the motions: sing, clap, listen... but... God states that going through the motions is unacceptable.

Even as I type this post I am reminded of the great sacrifice that Christ offered, giving and suffering for me...

I know that I am a child of Christ and that my sin has been forgiven by His sacrifice and nothing can take that from me...

I am moved to thoughts of confession and surrender for my imperfections and failures as a Christ-follower...

God is pursuing me, unbelievable He wants me.

He is pursuing you the same way.

He wants worshipers with a clean heart who are willing to surrender...He wants us.

Bowing my spirit to His Spirit, coming humbly into His presence is the first step, the only way to enter into true worship.

When I take that first step, I am ready to worship, to listen and respond and...

...our worship is acceptable to God when we come with a repentant spirit, we will not be going through the motions.

Below is a song that has helped me prepare for worship:

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