Refusing to settle for 'good enough'

I am in the process of reading Michael Hyatt's new book Platform. Early in the book he discusses the importance of creating WOW moments in your platform...the information you share about who you are and you life. Here is a line from that discussion: "The truth is, mediocrity is natural. You don't have to do anything to drift there. It just happens." As I read the section my mind shifted from creating a personal WOW moment to "am I putting in the energy to create WOW moments at work?"

It didn't take much thought to realize in some areas I have been settling for 'good enough' instead of 'the best I have to offer.' And if I am leading that way there is a good chance that my team is following with the same mind-set.

Caution...not everything we produce or do has to be WOW, but giving our best at all times really shouldn't be an option.

As a Christ-follower working toward a WOW moment takes on a whole different prospective, because it is not about what I can do but what I can do for God.

  • there is no WOW on our own, we shouldn't even try. We can work to the best of our ability but throughout the process we must recognize our need for God and surrender everything to Him.
  • our best can always be multiplied when we surrender to God. Just look at the multiple examples in the Bible of how God used ordinary people to demonstrate His WOW: a stuttering Moses who led the people of Israel or the young boy who gave his lunch and when touched by God fed thousands.

Since God is the creator of WOW I want Him on my I want to be on His team, therefore I surrender to Him so that WOW is for His glory.

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