A Father's Day Moment

We arrived home on Saturday night from vacation and it was then I discovered that the male on the vocal team for Sunday had declined. After looking over the list of possibilities no one was available. A few hours later, after not being able to sleep well, I opened and read my Fathers Day cards from my two children. I then realized there was someone available to help me lead worship...my son...he has played guitar in the main worship room, but never help lead by singing...could He do it, sure he could.

Its only 5:30 AM, how long to I let him sleep before waking him to see if he is up for it. How long can I let him sleep, the call time is 7:45 am.

At 6:10 am I walked into his room...at first I don't think he understood what I was asking, but after rubbing his eyes and a quick stretch he said 'sure, I'll help.'

It wasn't long until I heard him singing and playing his guitar. I took a glance and he had downloaded the charts and was getting a quick practice.

Just a few hours later I was standing on stage with him and along with the other members of the team we were worshiping and encouraging others to do the same.

It was a great Father's Day Moment.

Here is our setlist:

Come Praise and Glorify (by Bob Kauflin and Tim Chester)

Scripture: Ezekiel 37 (used the first few verses of this chapter to explain the line in the next song 'dry bones.'

Great I Am (by Jared Anderson)

Mighty To Save (by Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan)

Scripture: Dueteronomy 5:24, 33; 6:4-6

Nearer (by Tommy Walker)


Show Us Christ (by Bob Kauflin and Doug Plank)


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