Preparing for Worship: be prepared

One of my roles as associate pastor is "worship leader." With that role comes the responsibility to make sure all the worship teams are ready to encourage the congregation to engage in the conversation of worship. When the teams are prepared they can more effectively carry out this ministry. We work hard at preparing the teams, but what is my role in preparing the congregation?

Encourage them to worship, give a good balance between new, familiar, easy to learn and more difficult music. Also, when possible give them resources to become familiar with new songs before arriving for weekend worship.

This weekend we will introduce a new song "Come Praise and Glorify." So, ClearView, to make sure you have a chance to be prepared for this new song I have posted a video below.

And ClearView here are some other ways you can prepare:

pray for the leaders

arrive early

read through these scriptures that will be used in worship:

*This song is from the album The Gathering from Sovereign Grace Music. It is one of my new favorites as it is filled with Christ-centered worship songs with singable melodies.

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