Finding Leaders on Your Team

"we are intentional about developing leaders."

I've made that statement and recently.

The question that has to be behind the statement is:

'what is the plan?'

Andy Stanley writes: Direction not Intention Determines Destination. Making a statement about raising up leaders is only 'intention' unless there is "action."

I can have the best intentions to recruit and train new leaders but intentions are worthless.

My team and I have made the opening statement many times and now it is time to takes steps toward the destination "new leaders."

Here are the steps we are taking:

  • observe all the people on our teams
  • identify persons with leadership qualities
  • tell them they are being considered for a leadership role
  • be very specific when recruiting
  • tell them what is expected
  • show them what has to be done
  • guide them through a training period
    • *in our case that includes both leadership skills and spiritual development
  • hold them accountable to the expectations
  • give them a chance to lead
  • let them do it their way
  • concretely evaluate their performance
  • offer tools for further leadership development
  • give them plenty of opportunities
  • cut them loose if they do not meet expectations
  • encourage at every chance
  • give them their own team
  • never leave them alone...always be available to support

Do you have a process for identifying and training leaders from within your organization?

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