Learn the Music, Sing the Words

This phrase has been stuck in my head the last few weeks:

"Learn the music and then sing the words."

As a musician and somewhat of a perfectionist, I can easily get stuck in the discipline of rehearsing the notes, but notes are nothing without the words. (Even in many instrumental only presentations it is the words it implies that help connect us to the God conversation.)

As a worship leader in the act of helping the congregation connect to God, I can become overwhelmed with the details of "what's next?" or "what did I just miss?"

We do God a dis-service if we do not work on the presentation, however, when it comes to the a Christ-centered worship service, its about the words. So a worship service is where we 'sing the words' and not worry about the notes. Everyone gathered for worship should be involved in a conversation with God.

Yes we rehearse the words and the musical notes to bring to God our best offering of music...but when it comes time to worship it is about the words.

When the teams on stage get beyond the music and converse with God the congregation will take our lead and 'sing the words.'


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