Preparing for Worship: Expanding Our Prayer List.

When we prepare for corporate worship we need to pray. Often my prayers become selfish:

"help me God to see You"

"speak to me" "forgive me Lord of how I have failed You so that I worship You with a pure heart"

"let what I do glorify You"

Granted these are important prayers to pray.

What if added to these prayers ones for those who worship with us. By habit we sit in the same spot each week, we may not know their names but we know their faces.

"God bless the family that sits two rows in front of me."

"The lady who sits near us and who is so involved in the worship service, help her to see You tomorrow morning."

What about taking time tonight to pray for the pastor who will deliver and explain God's Word through the sermon?

"God you have placed Mark as our leader. I know the burden of his hear is to make you known through the preaching of Your Word. Give him wisdom, courage and clarity as he speaks tomorrow."

And since just recently returning from a mission opportunity in Asia I am more aware of the world-wide church. How about we think of them and pray for them?

"God we have it culturally acceptable for Americans to attend church but that is not the case in other parts of the world. Tonight I pray for Joseph and John who will lead the house church in worship tomorrow."

That's how I am praying tonight. Will you join me?


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