Correct Mistakes With Love

In some cases ignoring mistakes can be worse than bringing attention to them. We, a large portion of our staff, has been challenged by our boss to memorize a large portion of scripture during 2012. We are all doing it together.

Each time we gather as a staff to meet, someone gets the chance to recite what they have memorized. (It's volunteer so no one is put on the spot.)

Two weeks ago I took my turn...I took off and quoted 9 or 10 verses.

Skip to this week, it was someone else's turn and they did a great job. During their recitation I realized I had left out a verse when I spoke the last time and said so to the group. A few people spoke up and said they had noticed... big deal

...but because they didn't bring attention to my mistake I had spent the next two weeks making the same mistake over and over again.

It's okay to mention to people when they are making a mistake if we do so in love. Gentle, humble correction is a great blessing. Notice I said gentle, humble correction...

How could the team correct my mistake?

Speak to me in private, showing and explaining my mistake.

That's it. Correct in love.

What if my reaction was unaccepting?

You did your job showing and trying to correct my mistake. If the mistake was causing harm to others and I was not willing to change, then it is your responsibility to talk to my supervisor and together speak to me again about the mistake. If I still won't change then I must endure the consequences of my actions.

That wasn't the case here. It was a simple mistake and easily corrected. I'm glad they did, I just wish they had done so earlier.

Have you ever been faced with a situation where your mistake wasn't corrected?



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