How Many New Songs?

When I ran into a friend and fellowship worship pastor today this question was raised. How many new songs do you introduce to your congregation in a year?

It is not something I have tracked closely but my guess would be around 10. That was also the number my friend gave.

I love to add new songs but I also have to remember that I can learn them more quickly than the congregation and with every new song we add to our list we have to remove one.

We added one new song last week, at least new for our worship venue. It was familiar to our high school and middle school students since they have been using it. We are going to also introduce a new song next week. But that will be it for awhile. Too many new songs means that we invite the congregation to listen rather than participate.

Here is our setlist including the new song, (all the other songs were very familiar to us).

Songs and Scripture Psalm 95:6-7

Awesome In This Place

Here I Am To Worship

Holy Spirit Rain Down

I John 4:2-6

Greater Is He

Nothing Is Impossible




Song Blessed Redeemer



How many new songs do you introduce in a year?


This post is my participation in the blog carnival Sunday Setlists found at The Worship Community.



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