Rubrics in Worship

Rubric... a word not often used in our conversations, but it has its place in worship leading. Rubric is the official word for those spoken segues that take us from one element to the next. In most cases these brief statements help set up the next element of our worship. Bryan Chapell in his book Christ-Centered Worship gives this definition of a rubric: "In worship services, rubrics are the little directions that appear in the bulletin or are voiced by the worship leader to lead the congregation through the conduct of worship."

In Chapell's book he devotes a whole chapter to rubrics, defining them and giving examples.

My team might not know the word 'rubric' but we know the function and use it often. Using scripture and/or other theological statements to help move the service along.

Each week, whether 'rubrics' are a part of the intentional plan of our services, they make their way in. The ad-libbed rubrics are the most frequent, however, it is important that we intentionally plan some of them so that specific points are communicated.

Here is an example of a 'rubrics' that we used this past weekend to help communicate what we believe about worship.

The first was a 'call to worship' slide show.

Welcome to ClearView

This morning we are the church gathered to:

Open our eyes to His revelation of who He is

Open our mind and voices to respond to His revelation.

We worship to glorify God...that means, give Him honor

We worship to edify the body...that means to encourage everyone around us as we worship

We are the church gathered.

Let's join together...for now is the time to worship.

One of our worship core values is that corporate worship is to Glorify God and Edify The Body. This simple 'rubric' slide show (black screen white words) in a complete blackout got the congregation's attention and reminded them the purpose of why we gather and why it is important to participate.

Worship leaders, 'rubric' might be a new word to you but its function is not. I have been leading worship for over 30 years and I am becoming more and more convinced and convicted that the majority of 'rubrics' I use need to be thought out and intentional.

Here is our setlist for yesterday including where the silent projected 'rubric' was placed.

Pre-service song: Great I Am

Call To Worship

Songs for Worship: Now Is the Time, Majestic, Blessed Be Your Name


Song Reprise: Blessed Be Your Name


Songs: How Deep The Father's Love for Us, The Heart of Worship



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