Can we keep it this way?

The center section of worship room today was filled with green hoodie sweat shirts because that's where the students were sitting. In our early service it was middle school students and at the late high school students. The worship services today on our campus were the end of DNOW (disciple now weekend) for students. For the previous 40 hours they had been immersed in alternating times of large group worship (led by Rush of Fools and Rob Turner), small group Bible study and mission action projects. As I led worship from stage this morning I was faced with that sea of green and also students lost in and enjoying the conversation with God in worship. I became overwhelmed at the passion displayed on their faces. As I watched my heart began to cry out: 'can we keep it this way?'

That cry was not directed solely at the students.

Will there be a day when we all are ready to meet God in worship from the time we walk into our places of worship?

Here's what we can all learn about why the students were prepared for worship:

  1. they made a decision to be a part of the weekend.
  2. they sacrificed personal time and activities to make a conversation with God a priority.
  3. they spent time in prayer before they arrived at church.
  4. then knew it took action on their part to worship
  5. they came expecting to participate.
  6. they participated.
  7. they made the worship between them and was a personal conversation.
  8. they encouraged each other by their participation.

Can worship next week have the same energy? Yes...if we are willing to make the effort the students made.

The challenge to our students is: 'put in the same effort for worship next week.'

The challenge to all of us is: 'learn from the example of our youth and be passionate about our God.'

Here is our setlists that helped us engage in the conversation of worship.

Songs, Scripture and Prayer Your Grace is Enough Praise to the Lord the Almighty Psalm 24:1-6 Nearer



Songs of Celebration and Testimony Christ is Risen All Because of Jesus Stronger.


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