Surround them in prayer


Sunday is a few hours away.

I often stop at this time of the week and ask "am I really prepared to meet God in worship?" As a worship leader that question can go in many directions: "is all the music in place?" "do we have gaps we need to cover in the technology teams?" "am I ready to lead?"

We...okay I take that back because I can only speak for myself...I often only think about my role, what I am going to do or have to do in worship.

And, I am wrong for that.

I need to pray for:

  • the people trying to decide if they are going to come to church on Sunday. God give them a desire to come.
  • the people who will come. God open their hearts to hear and their voices to praise.
  • the people who serve on teams so that they can worship. God give them peace to worship as they serve. Don't let the ministry distract them from worship.
  • the people who are leading. God let these worship with abandon and let their example encourage others to do the same.
  • and...the pastor...I have this vision of just before he comes to the pulpit that we stop him at the bottom of the stairs, surround him and pray. We pray that God would give him clarity of thought.
    • would give him confidence that all he written through his hours of preparation is from You.
    • would give him peace as he speaks
    • would let him sense that Your Holy Spirit is surrounding him.

What would happen if we prayed those prayers?

What would happen in our worship?

What would happen to us?

Sunday is just a few hours away so we still have time to surround our




all those who will attend and

those who are thinking about attending worship in prayer.

In the last few days I have become aware of a new song "Show Us Christ," a prayer. Its words are helping me prepare for worship.

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