Answer WHY? before they ask

Make any decision and there will be someone ready to ask WHY? It really is best to keep the "WHY" question in mind before you make the decision.

From experience I have witnessed decisions being made and the decision makers not being prepared to answer why?

WHY? is really, 'didn't you think through everything and don't you know how this will affect me?

Be prepared to answer 'why'?

Better yet, explain 'why' before it is ask.

When you are willing to do so you bring your team with you.

A friend recently found a job posted at his company, for his job. After a long discussion his boss, my friend was reassured that his job was not being eliminated nor was he being demoted. It was just realignment of the organizational chart. The boss had the right to post the job, but because he did not bring his team along by answering the 'why' before they asked it caused much unnecessary tension and worry.

Be willing to answer the why, before it is ask, and the team feels apart of the process.


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