Be open to something new

I have heard the statement that what adults like in worship is what they remember from their late teens and early 20s. No wonder worship leaders get so many comments.

And it is no wonder that some worship leaders never embrace change.

For me...I have to be open to new things as long as the lyric is based on God's word and the music glorifies Him and encourages the worshippers. Granted those last two thoughts are what causes all the debate and tension.

This week we are going to use something new that is something old and we did the same last week.

Last week, we used printed prayer of confession that was old in style and tradition from our normal.

This week we are going to let some of our musicians introduce arrangements based on the music of the 1940s...old but new to us.

Next week we will use a new song from a contemporary genre.

Our criteria as worship leaders...does it allow us to hear from God or respond to Him? Does it glorify Him and encourage the church?

It doesn't matter if it is old or new and sometimes you have to be open to something old that may sound new.

In the Old Testament these words are found five times: "Sing a new song to the Lord."

Okay...I'm ready.


Quiet My Heart to Hear Your Voice

It's okay to disagree.