It Wasn't the Right Time

I needed to wash the windshield and it was totally obvious when the bright morning sun was at the angle that blinds. But it wasn't the right time time.

If I had followed through and hit the 'wash' button that activates the windshield wipers and washer fluid I would not be able to see and that would be dangerous in the morning traffic.

Driving into the sun with a dirty windshield was a dangerous situation. Trying to make corrections in the middle of the danger would have created a more dangerous situation.

But by waiting to 'act' instead of 'reacting' I was able to safely clear some of the dust and debris from the windshield. I had a clearer picture and could focus on my goal.

Leaders are often faced with dangerous situations, those moments when they are confronted with resistance, negativity or insubordination.

The temptation to speak up and confront in the moment is great. However it could be the wrong time, which will cause more tension and irreversible damage.

You have to decide in that instant is it better to react or wait and act at a later time.

Sure there are moments that need immediate attention but I have found that when I take a moment, or even a day to get my thoughts together and formulate a plan, my actions are more effective.

There have been many times that I have not followed the act later plan but when I do, I see better results.


I Have No Fear, I'm Not In Control

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