In Capable Hands

When you step away from your leadership role for a break or vacation, can you relax? I can because I know those I have left in charge are talented leaders and we are on the same team.

Here are some other reasons:

  • together my team and I have discussed and agree on our mission
  • our mission is based on a set of core values
  • our core values drive our actions

Here is how it relates to planning worship services and our setlists:

  • our worship team has agreed upon a set of values for our worship services that support our church's mission
  • we discuss our worship core values often
  • we review the previous week's services to determine what went well what didn't
  • we look closely at the next week's services and each worship leader is expected to explain what they are trying to accomplish and how it supports our values
  • we begin to look at the services four weeks out, brain storming ideas and evaluating ideas against values

So when it is time for me to step away from leadership or planning I trust my team. We are on the same page of the is all in capable hands.

Here is the setlist that one of our staff, Terry Welborn (T.W.Hale) put together, our team reviewed and he led.

Scripture Call To Worship

Psalm 57:7-11


God is Great

You Are God Alone (Not a god)

Holy Holy Holy with an added chorus of Alleluia



You Never Let Go

Take My Life (this is a new melody and arrangement of words by our team)


How many direct reports?

Starting The Right Way