Leading Worship While Questions and Random Thoughts Race


Sometimes questions and thoughts race through my mind while I am leading worship. Here are things I popped up in my thoughts last Sunday.

  • Why didn't I put a prayer in the service plan here?
  • Why do all these songs have one theme, I didn't think this outline through as well as I should have?
  • What am I going to do now to get more of the God story in this set?
  • Why have some of the high school students started sitting in the back of the worship center?
  • The band is doing a great job on this song!
  • I'm glad I let other people lead most of the songs today they are doing a better job than I could do.
  • That family usually sits on the other side of the worship center.
  • Where is the staff member who is suppose to do the welcome?
  • Why did all the middle school students just sit down? Definitely need a teaching moment with them.
  • Why are all these thoughts going through my mind right now?
As hard as I try to stay focused on what I am doing distractions still occur. I guess that is human. But it is my intent and my desire to stay focused on Who I am there to worship not what I am doing or what I am observing.

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