Someone is always better, 6 observations

Most Saturday's I take a bicycle ride on the same stretch of road. The last few times I have been passed by the same rider and always unexpectedly. This last time I learned a few things. He

* is a much better cyclist than I am

* pedals at a higher cadence

* doesn't seem to struggle, but just drop to a smaller gear and keep pedaling

* looks like he is having fun

* concentrates

Those are the things I learned observing the cyclist and here is how I realize I can apply that observation to other areas of my life.

1. someone is always going to be better than I am

2. I can and should strive to find people who are better than I and observe.

3. Through observation I can find areas that I can correct.

4. I must be willing to implement new methods.

5. Through observation I might realize the way I am doing things are the most efficient.

6. I am not called, in any aspect of my life to be the best (greatest) but strive for greatness (excellence)


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