Let Others Rise To Leadership

Here's a confession: it is easy to jump in and complete a job or lead the team. It is much harder to assign tasks and wait for the results. However the rewards of seeing others rise to leadership is much more rewarding. Yesterday's worship service was so rewarding for me as I looked around the stage and realized how committed the team was to leading and how they carried out that role. I could tell the team members who read the scripture had spent time studying the passages. It was obvious that the soloists had worked on their song. And when band arrangements were decided on the band remembered and led.

It is easy for me to sing the read the scriptures, start all the songs and dictate the band arrangements but we are a team when we all have a role. And there is a greater potential for growth and development of other teams when I allow other people the opportunity to rise to leadership.

Here is our set list:

Songs and Scripture: Our God Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty Daniel 2:20-22 Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty Daniel 6:26-27 Sing to the King All Because of Jesus



Songs and Scripture Hebrews 4:14-16 How He Loves My Savior My God


Response Song Let the Church Rise


This post is my contribution to the blog carnival Sunday Setlist which can be found at The Worship Community.

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