How Often We Forget Last Week's Sermon

It usually only takes a walk to the parking lot to cloud our minds and block out many of the points of the sermon we just heard. It is not any fault of the pastor or others who have delivered the message, it's just how our mind operates. As leaders we do our best to provide tools as reinforcement of the sermon: printed notes, project outlines and even up-loading of sermons to web-sites. Another way a worship staff can help with retention is to occasionally re-cap a previous sermon in current service. We started this week's service at ClearView by doing just that.

We are in a study of the book of Luke titled An Investigation of Christ. Last week our pastor finished up our study of chapter 8. His main points included some specific thoughts about faith.
Here is how we included a reminder of last week's sermon in this week's service:
Pre-service Music:
Shout to the Lord by Darlene Zchech
Sermon Re-cap:
"For the last few months we have been walking through the book of Luke and last week we finished our study of chapter 8. Let me read to you a portion of that scripture. (read aloud Luke 8:42b-48) Last week as we looked at these scriptures and we were challenged by these points: 

Faith grows out of our desperation and dependence; Our faith doesn't have to be a perfect faith; Things may get worse before they get better.

I hope we never forget these points because as sure as we are in this room we are going to face difficult times but God's invitation to touch Him and find peace is always open. Today in this room dedicated for worship we can meet the God who gives peace and who answers prayer. Today we are hear to worship Him, learn about Him and respond to Him. His word says: come unto me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest."
Come Unto Me by Cliff Duren
*focusing specifically on coming into God's presence
Songs and Scripture:
Today is the Day by Lincoln Brewster
All About Your Glory by Tommy Walker
Acts 2:32-36
Jesus Messiah by Chris Tomlin
Hebrews 53:1-6
Hallelujah What A Savior based on arrangement by Ascend the Hill
Jesus Messiah (chorus reprise)
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