Just because You like the song doesn’t mean it works for the congregation.

I love the hymn O Worship The King, the poetry, the melody, the imaginary. I love the way this text has been revived by Chris Tomlin and a new chorus has given new life to this ageless song. But as much as I like it doesn’t mean it works; case in point this past Sunday in our services. In our first service we started with this song singing two of the verses book-ended by the new chorus. It did not connect. By changing the order of the song in the second service it connected better (cv1v1cc) but it still wasn’t great. This experience wasa reminder for me that my job is not to sing the songs I like but those that lead the congregation into an active conversation of worship.

Here is the complete Song Setlist:

Pre-service Song Jesus Messiah

Songs and Scripture II Chronicles 5:13-14 O Worship The King Psalm 84:1,2,10-13 I Exalt Thee You’re Worthy of My Praise

Welcome Recognition of veterans and those currently serving in the Armed Forces


Songs and Scripture Forever Reign You Never Let Go Everything To Me Romans 1:16-17 _____________________

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Moving the Worship Songs

Setting up Reminders of God’s Faithfulness