Going LIVE in 3…2…1

Each week the worship teams produce services in two venues on our campus. One of these venues is our ‘video venue.’ While that is somewhat descriptive it really doesn’t clearly define the room. A more descriptive phrase would be ‘video sermon venue’ as it is only the sermon that is delivered by video. Thankfully for us who lead the service, the sermon is on a tape delay delivery system so that the worship timing does not have to be exact. One of the issues of having multiple venues on the campus is ‘how to make all the rooms feel like they belong to the same church family.’ One of the ways we accomplish this is by sending to video venue as many ‘celebration’ events as possible: baby dedication, graduate recognitions and baptisms. In the past we have sent these events to the video venue by the delay system; however this is really a logistical nightmare for us. So…we went live.

Yesterday was graduate recognition Sunday so we sent the live feed to the video venue. Here’s how we did it: played a 5 minute countdown in both venues (cuing the simultaneous start through verbal communication); as the countdown started we raised the ‘sermon’ screen in the video venue and began showing the live feed from the main venue. At the completion of the countdown, we started the graduate recognition; it worked great. We did have to rehearse the logistics and stage set up because our camera feed to the video venue is a ‘lock-down’ camera shot.

This slight change of going ‘live’ was a great way to bring the two venues together, including letting the video venue see a little of what goes on in the main worship room besides the sermon. The change also may have helped overcome a big frustration I have about people coming to worship late.

Here is the complete worship set:

Pre-service: 5 minute countdown

Graduate Recognition


Song Set

Awesome In This Place by Dave Billington An older song but still a great way to start a service

Psalm 145:1-7 Psalm 27:4 Both scriptures read by a vocal team member

Arise by Don Moen and Paul Baloche

Nehemiah 9:5b-6 Displayed on the screens and read as transition to next song Everlasting God by Brenton Brown and Ken Riley

Revelation 4:1, 2, 8-11 Read by vocal team member.

Holy Says It All by Maranda Roberson and Shane Facchinello

2 Corinthians 1:3-5 Was suppose to be transition to next song but we cut it for time

None But Jesus by Brooke Fraser Cut this song because we were short on time



Transition To Sermon

Psalm 119: 33-40 These verses lend themselves to be used as a responsive reading, so we did just that.



This post is my contribution to the blog carnival Sunday Setlists which is found at The Worship Community.


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