An Invitation for Accountability

One of a leader’s many roles is the communication of the organization’s and team’s values and beliefs. In doing so the leader also lets the team in on his or her personal beliefs. (I really don’t think there is a way to disconnect the leader’s values from the organization. If there is a conflict between the organization’s values and the leader’s then the leader is directing the wrong organization.) Each week in my team meetings I intentionally include, although rarely on the agenda, a time of stating my beliefs about our organization. By doing so I am giving permission to my team to hold me accountable. It’s an “invitation for accountability.” Making belief statements about our organization and then having them only apply to the team…well then I am just ‘blowing smoke’ from a vessel that is filled with only ‘hot air.’

As a team leader it is important for me to remind my team often of our values and the direction which they lead. If I hold their work accountable against these values then they have the right to hold me accountable as well.

A Frustration of the Worship Leader

Guest Worship Leader: Regi Stone