Preparing for Worship: Worship As Witness

This weekend churches will be filled with members, regular attendees and ‘two-timers’ (Christmas + Easter) The ‘two-timers’ are not in their comfort zone, they won’t know many people, they won’t know the songs and more than likely they are sitting or standing with arms crossed saying ‘show me something.’

Okay…what do we show them?

Members and regular attendees have an important role this weekend…engage, participate, WORSHIP.

The ‘two-timers’

…are watching to see how and when you enter the worship center.

…may not know the songs you are singing but they will notice how you sing them.

…will not have their bibles with them, but they will be checking to see if you do.

If you are a member or regular attendee of a church here are some other things you can do to be a great witness this Easter weekend:

  • Pray for the services and those that are leading.
  • Invite someone to go with you. You never know when a ‘two-timer’ will become a regular.
  • Arrive on campus early and give up your good parking space, up close to the building, for guests. Walking a few extra feet could have eternal impact.
  • Assume everyone you meet on your way into the building is a guest and go out of your way to greet them and introduce yourself. Wow, wouldn’t that be a great campus atmosphere for every Sunday?
  • Arrive in the worship center early, greet everyone around you and when the service starts engage.

Our public worship is a witness and this week we will witness to many more who do not know the One we worship or the peace of forgiveness…but they can.


This post is another in the series Preparing for Worship. These posts are written to encourage the people I minister with (ClearView) to be intentional about how they prepare for each week's corporate worship.

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