Being Prepared for Weekend Worship

This post is part of a weekly series to give tools and encouragement for the people of my home church, ClearView,  to prepare for worship. This has been an amazing week for me. God has allowed me to see His will and power.

My preparation for worship this weekend has been the on-going conversation I have had with the Creator. There have been times He has revealed who He is and then given me time to respond with awe. He has shown me an act of His will and allowed me to respond with surrender or thanksgiving.

As I look over the service we have planned for the worship center at ClearView this weekend I see the same pattern of revelation and response.

Revelation Scripture: Isaiah 40:18, 21-22, 28

Response Song: Awesome In This Place Song: The Highest and The Greatest

Revelation Song: There Is A Redeemer

Response Scripture: Psalm 139:23 Song: At the Cross

Revelation Scripture: II Chronicles 20: 5, 6, 9, 12, 15, 17 Song: Turn Your Eyes On Him

One word of encouragement about the sermon; it is a place where we will have both a chance to hear and respond to God’s revelation. This week our pastor will lead us through a study of Luke 7:1-10. We can be ready to better understand if we have read and prayed over these verses.

Gone should be the day when we walk into a worship service and expect to hear from God and that is the first time we have spoken to him during week or the first time we have stopped to listen to him.

Wherever you worship this weekend look for God’s revelation and being willing to respond.

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