Announcements in Worship

It really doesn’t matter the size of the church…every church has a multitude of activities taking place each week on its campus or off campus, yet organization sponsored. Does the worship ministry have a responsibility to support and mention these activities in the worship service?

Yes and No.

NO, if it is a group event that only touches or impacts a small percentage of the people who attend I don’t believe the worship service is the place for such announcements or connections. There are better ways to communicate to a specific group which will have greater impact on that population.

Yes, if the event reaches or has the potential to reach a large percentage of the people.

Yes, if the event is critical in communicating and supporting one of the core values.

Here are two examples.

1.      We believe in missions beyond our walls therefore when groups depart and return from mission trips we make mention of it in our services. Here the event impacts a small group of people but the event is crucial in communicating our core values. We usually make connection with these people in a commissioning prayer time.

2.      Over 140 of our 8th through 12 graders and about 110 adults are going through a bible study together “A Call To Die.” We have made it a point to mention this activity as a part of our services. It has not been in the form of announcements but through intentionally using a thought, scripture and in the future song from the study. This week our pastor prefaced his sermon by talking to the students and explaining to the congregation about the study. The thought he communicated was about fasting which lead into one of the scriptures in his sermon.

When the whole staff knows about the big events they can jump in and find creative ways to support.

When the whole church knows about the big events they understand and can pray for how God is impacting lives for His glory.

As the leader of a worship ministry I want to know what is going on around my church…not to be noisy but to be able to support the work of the church.

The next question: where should they be placed in the worship service?

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