What will we hear? What will we say?

As we enter our places of worship this weekend, we could be faced with the noise of a crowd, the silence of reverence or the intentional music that indicates the service is about to begin. No matter the setting we will all be faced with these two questions: ‘what will we hear?’ and ‘what will we say?’

If we replay the last few times we have entered our places of worship we could come up with a pretty accurate list of the items we will hear: band, choir, solo, preacher. All would be accurate, but wrong also.

If we are not careful we will hear these things instead of hearing what is being said about God by the Holy Spirit through these communication tools.

For Christ followers it is our responsibility to listen carefully as we participate to the words we sing, the scripture read and the sermon spoken, to hear from God. When we actively listen in this manner I believe God will reveal Himself.

Then the next question we will face is ‘what will we say?’

As God reveals Himself through our participation in worship we will be faced with the opportunity to respond. So what will be our response?

This weekend…listen and then respond affirmatively to what God has revealed.


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