An Hour on Sunday

Have we programmed Sunday mornings so that we limit what can be accomplished in our services? As worship leaders we are faced with the responsibility, tasks and privilege to help people engage in a conversation with God through worship. When I sit down with a friend I experience conversations of varying lengths depending on the subject or circumstances of the day. Some days we celebrate, still others we challenge one another and still others we sit quietly exchanging few words. Yet all of these conversations are treasured because they are moving our friendship deeper.

Sunday morning worship is about moving a relationship deeper, yet we have put a time constraint on how much can be said.

The challenge for worship leaders today is to remind the people gathered that the conversation with God, centered on His story, is not accomplished in one hour on Sunday. The conversation or our response to His revelation is about life. It is on Sunday that we come to encourage one another.

Still have we made Sunday more about the event or events that take place and not about the conversation?

What if we sense that God is speaking, beyond what is planned and we need to listen?

What if we sense the call of God to respond, beyond what is a planned element of worship?

Obviously making radical changes to a Sunday morning schedule is not an easy fix. But then the challenge for worship leaders is the importance of being flexible in what is planned. The plan that has been printed on a piece of paper needs to be thought of as written in pencil lead. We then gladly yield to the Holy Spirit to change the plan and actively listen to what He may be saying.

Have we programmed Sunday mornings so that we limit what can be accomplished in worship? Not if we are willing to listen.

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