Sunday Setlists: October 3, 2010

It is just amazing to me how the Holy Spirit can work in separate individuals and have them choose topics and elements of a worship service, at separate times that all fit together. We intentionally do not base our worship services on a thematic goal, but rather on some basic core principles that push toward presenting the story of God. Here is our setlist for this week October 3, 2010.


Healer by Mike Guglielmucci

*we taught this song during the pre-service time. It comes back in two weeks during the service.

Call To Worship

Praise to the Lord the Almighty arr. by Travis Cottrell and Paul Mills

*to start service we used the chorus of this arrangement…piano continues to play under the following scriptures.


Amos 4:13

Hebrews 1:1o-12

Daniel 6:26-27

*before scripture we made the statement that “God reveals who he is through His Word and here are three briefs glimpses we see of His character.”


Praise to the Lord the Almighty arr. by Travis Cottrell and Paul Mills.


John 1:1-5

*we made the statement that God is pursuing us, even from the beginning of time, which help set up the first line of the next song


The Stand by Joel Houston arr. by Mark T.Bovee

*the choir started this song and congregation was asked to join on last half of arrangement.



Sing to the King by Billy Foote

*I did not realize until this week that the words for this song are an adaption of the hymn Sing We The King by Charles Silvester Horne


Philippians 3:7-11

*as believer our ultimate goal is to reflect God’s glory


For Your Glory by T.W.Hale and Michael H Smith


By Ed Stetzer

*read the words to the songs and then listen to the pod-cast of this sermon and you will see how amazed I was at the Holy Spirit’s design of this service.


This post is my participation in the blog carnival Sunday Setlists found at The Worship Community.

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