Introducing Mike Bauer Music

This is my friend, Mike Bauer, there is no relation to Jack Bauer of 24. But much like Jack Bauer, Mike has refined his craft and stands at the top with few others. Mike’s craft…playing the guitar. I first met Mike when he was playing with the Adam Nitti band at the Re:create conference hosted by Randy Elrod. What an amazing night of music, world class jazz played by Christ followers.

More recently I was invited to Mike’s showcase of his new CD “My Own World” at the Nolensville Feed Mill.  It was another amazing night of music; all original songs by Mike. You can find out more about Mike’s music at these two links.

Mike Bauer is a world class musician but what I appreciate even more is how he is investing in young students of music. The audience at Mike’s showcase was filled with families. It was obvious that Mike has an influence on families including the children. I later learned he runs a guitar academy in Nolensville Tennessee.

Just recently Mike accepted an invitation to participate in the first Worship Jam Camp for Middle School students at ClearView Church in Franklin. In this setting I watched him work patiently with students as he taught guitar, worship and about God.

If you get a chance check out Mike Bauer’s music and let me encourage you to purchase a copy of his new CD.

If you want a copy of his CD and feel lucky check back on this blog tomorrow I will be giving away one of his CD’s.

A Music Give Away: My Own World by Mike Bauer

Sunday Setlists July 18, 2010