Sunday Setlists July 11, 2010

It probably doesn’t happen in many churches but the second Sunday of July is traditionally one of the highest attended Sundays of the summer. This past Sunday was no exception. The room was full and there was an excitement in the room before we even got started. One of my goals for the year is to put on paper what our church believes about worship. That includes how we teach it to our congregation in all venues and through all age groups. My research has led me through some very interesting book (I feel like I am back in graduate school) but more importantly it is reminding me to be intentional about ‘what’ story I am trying to tell in each service. When I continue to ask ‘what’ that makes it imperative that I ask ‘why’ for each song or other element that I consider placing in the service. (I plan to blog more on this subject soon.)

I asked the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ as I chose the songs below.


Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King, by Robert Robinson; Thomas Miller (Gateway Music)

-we used the Gateway worship chart here but to give it even more energy for the start of a service we change the meter from 3 to 4…it really worked well.

Opening Prayer

-a member of the vocal team led this prayer and she was asked to pray a ‘call to worship’ prayer. (Too often our prayers in public worship cover as many items as possible.)

Come Thou Fount

-acoustic guitar played through the prayer in key of previous song, but back in original meter of 3. At the conclusion of the prayer I led the congregation in the “O to grace how great a debtor” verse. It worked well as an ending to the prayer.

Blessed Be Your Name, by Beth Redman; Matt Redman; Thankyou Music




Majesty, by Martin Smith and Stuart Garrard; Curious? Music UK

-I love the words to this song; however, it often becomes labored if sung at too slow a tempo. The last two times we have used this song we have driven the tempo and it sings well with much energy

For Your Glory, by T.W. Hale and Michael H. Smith

-we are in a sermon series examining the book of Luke; this week we moved to the Luke 2 passage telling the birth of Christ. As a set up to this song I recap briefly where we have been in Luke focusing on Mary’s response when she learns she is chosen by God: “I am the Lord’s servant. You can find the words to this song here.


Luke 2:1-7



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