Proud Moments for a Father

Sometimes as your children roam around your home you wonderwho will survive, you or them. We love each other but often we don’t like each other. Through the middle school and high school days it seems that the ‘don’t like’ days outnumber the ‘like.’ Well that was the way it was with my daughter and I emphasize ‘was.’ Things have changed.

Meagan is now a junior in college and I couldn’t be prouder. She's making great grades, very rarely asks for money…she understands her budget and stays within the parameters; more importantly than any of that, I really can see her heart for God. She shows me that she is in love with God. I wish I had had her heart for God at her age.

For the last three years she has decided to spend her spring break doing missions, the last two working at Beach Reach and this year…well she is on her way to Haiti. Here is picture of Meagan (on the left) and her friend Meredith.

This trip was planned and tickets purchased long before the earthquake. Now more than ever Haiti needs people who love God…they need people like Meagan. I will be praying for her and the team lead by Brent Gambrell Ministries. Will you add Meagan and the team to your prayer list this week?

I was so proud and humbled today as I dropped Meagan off at the airport.

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