I’m Glad I Twitter

Thanks toRandy Elrod (@recreate) I was introduced to Twitter two years ago. At first I had no concept of what it was or how I would use it. Since that first introduction I have enjoyed the benefits connecting with persons in my interests, field of ministry and those at my local church.

Here is a true story that could only happen through Twitter.

Last fall I noticed a person’s (whom I had met briefly in my home town) twitter post about looking at the view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Our conversation went something like this:

@caseysee: love the view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains

@michaelhsmith: I love those mountains and miss seeing them, grew up in Fresno

@caseysee: me too! Hoover ‘77

@michaelhsmith: McLane ‘77

@caseysee: I am here with my mom, we want to know if you played Little League at Scandinavian

@michaelhsmith: yes

@caseysee: what team

@michaelhsmith: Twins

@caseysee: Red Sox, but my dad was the coach of that team. My mom remembers you

Since that conversation we have been able to connect back in Franklin and have had lunch together and plan to do so again. We probably never would have connected so quickly and with such detail if it had not been for Twitter. Come to find out @caseysee and I moved to Franklin the same year.

More Reasons To Twitter

In the last twelve months Twitter has helped me:

· Connect with someone where I live whose father was my Little League Baseball coach in Fresno California

· Connect with people who share my job in other parts of the country and world and see how they are doing ministry.

· Meet other business leaders face-to-face and share ideas

· Meet people whose blogs I read

· Get a great deal on a cruise to Alaska, where I met people I had only known through Twitter.

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