Everybody on the Same page

NewspaperGood news: our organization is getting bigger.Bad news: it is becoming more difficult to keep everyone on the same page.

Good news: our campus is much bigger than it was three years ago Good news: there is much more activity taking place. Bad news: There is no-way everyone can know all the details.

Good news: All staff is not required to attend every staff meeting, Bad/Good News: In every staff meeting there is something discussed that impacts every staff member.

Important News: every staff member should know the leader’s heart for the organization Important News: every staff member needs to understand the core values that drive mission and vision.

How to get the news out! To help keep everyone on the same page we took a simple step; a weekly email newsletter. Nothing fancy….just the facts.

Here is the outline we use:

  • Notes from the Top (the boss communicates about core values, mission and vision)
  • A staff meeting recap (not the details, just an overview)
  • This week at ClearView (a listing of the big events, staff anniversaries, prayer concerns)
  • Upcoming Events (the big stuff)

Bad news: someone has to produce this piece each week, Good news: everyone on the same page…a better informed team is well worth the work.

How do you communicate the big picture items with your team on a weekly basis?

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