Sunday Setlists: Genesis and Christmas

Why participate in Sunday Setlists? This is a way for me to connect with other worship pastors and gather ideas that may work in my local congregation. Another reason to participate is to provide to the people at ClearView some links to songs and other resources that may help them continue in the conversation of worship everyday of the week.

We, ClearView, are pushing through the last few weeks in our Genesis series titled “Origins.” The thought behind this series is: if you do not believe the God of Genesis and the facts presented how can you believe the rest of the bible. The sermon this week was from Genesis chapter 9 and all of the music centered on the story of Christmas.

Joy to the World (based on Casting Crowns arrangement) This was easy to sing and gave energy to service.

O Come All Ye Faithful. Here we continued the same feel as Joy To The World. The transition was a ‘vamp’ on a D chord, which was the last chord of previous song.  The opening note D became pick-up to the new key of G.


Baptism: (okay I thought the baptism was suppose to happen in the 9:30 wasn't. Due to me not reading the tech sheet I authored my pastor went to the baptistery area looking while I did the big stretch...waiting for the baptism to happen. After seeing him return to the worship center with a puzzled look on his face I continued with the rest of the service.)

Songs: (this set featured our worship choir and it is a longer feature than most Sunday’s.)
Behold Emmanuel (From the book Once Upon A Holy Night, 2008 LifeWay Worship.)
Once Upon A Holy Night (From the book Once Upon A Holy Night, 2008 LifeWay Worship.)
Offering (We will use this worship song three weeks of December and also at our Christmas Eve services.

    Video Intro (produced by John Magyar)
    Sermon Genesis 9:1-17
        Mark Marshall, pastor

Voices of Lee, Representing Lee University

Curcified With Christ, Can It Be?