Yesterday At ClearView

I have decided to join a group of worship leaders and worshippers who blog about what took place in their worship services each week. The series of blogs or blog carnival is titled "Sunday Setlists" and can be found at  You can find other posts here:
ClearView Baptist centers on five core values:
    God’s Word
    Passionate Worship
    Transformed Lives
All of these take their place in our worship services, however three see more prominence on a weekly basis: God’s Word, Passionate Worship and Prayer.

This week we continued in our series called “Origins” which is an in-depth look at the first 11 chapters of Genesis. The theme for each week is generated from the verse by verse study.

Yes this is the Christmas season but we chose not to completely make it about the Christmas Season. There were a few hints however. Here is how it went:

    Started a few minutes early and introduced the first song, singing the chorus once and then asking the congregation to sing it once.

Scripture: Luke 2:8-11

Song Set 1
        Offering by Paul Baloche


Song (as ending to prayer)
O Come All Ye Faithfull (just the chorus), no instruments

Parent Child Dedication
    It is our tradition to include Parent/Child Dedication in two of our weekend services each year, one in December and Mother’s Day.

    Today this works as a transition to move the families off stage who participated in the parent/child dedication.

Song Set 2
    None But You

Scripture: Luke 2: 12-14
    Glory In the Highest (we choose to have the worship choir lead out in one song most weeks, yesterday it was this song)

(same key as last song so there was no intro just vocals beginning, band jumped entered measure four)
    Mighty To Save

Sermon Intro (a video created for each series, this takes 45 seconds which is the time we need to make a technology change in a second venue on our campus.) This video was produced by one of our church members, John Magyar.

Genesis 8 ...Forgotten?

  • God remembers me
    • When God remembers, He is taking action on His promises
    • Often, when God is silent, He is bringing us into a situation where He makes all things new.
    • Sometimes God must destroy the old before He can remake the new.
  • In response to God’s faithfulness, I must remember God
    • Remember God by waiting patiently for His timing
    • Remember God by going when He says ‘go’
      • Psalm 104:5-9
    • Remember God through repentance and total commitment
      • Romans 2:4

A Fish Story

Preparing for Worship, a promised gift received.